Geisha Lastic Balls

Geisha Lastic Balls

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Geisha Lastic Balls

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Geisha Lastic Balls

Added Geisha Lastic Balls. Geisha Lastic Balls is a Perfect Sex fun Toy. 100% silicone “Elastomed”

. Used internally during masturbation or oral sex.These balls will increase the sensations and stimulate the vagina. Put them snugly in place and wear them comfortably and discreetly throughout the day to provide subtle. Please you anyplace anywhere. Try it and let it make your sex life more colorful.


1.This product is for personal use, pay attention to clean the effective parts of product.

2.Clean before and after use.

3.Using the right amount of lubricant, the better.

4.Use with condom is suggested.

5.People with heart disease, high blood pressure, skin partial injury, please use with caution.

6.People under 18 are forbidded to use this product.


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